Vision: Telangana State Fishermen Cooperative Federation Ltd,. Hyderabad  as an Apex Society, to be a provider of inputs and service to the fishermen/ women cooperative societies through District fisheries cooperative societies for  improvement of  quality life of fishermen/ women in the state.


    Our Mission is to establish a link as “Federation to Fishermen and Fishermen to Federation. The Federation underlines the importance of involvement in such activities through which the primary fishermen cooperatives appreciate the role of fisheries in the holistic development of the state. The Federation envisages coming out of the present restricted activity of fish trading and carrying out the programmes for promoting of fish production, processing, marketing and capacity building to the fishermen/women

    Formation of the Fishermen Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd Hyderabad

    With the formation of the Telangana state the institutes covered under Ix schedule of the A.P reorganization Act 2014 have been divided into two separate entities. Accordingly, the AFCOF has been divided as Andhra Pradesh State Fishermen Cooperative Federation and Telangana State Fishermen Cooperative Societies Federation (TSFCOF).  The TSFCOF has been registered on 25-02-2015.

    In the united Andhra Pradesh, the AFCOF had two activities, i,e  sale of diesel  oil  to the fishermen through 9 HSD oil bunks located in coastal districts and  maintained 7 fresh retail outlets in Hyderabad . The Federation was running with income generated from the above two business activities. The combined Federation implemented one scheme namely integrated marine fisheries development scheme to promote the exploitation of marine fisheries. After bifurcation the only marketing activity remained in TSFCOF to get some income to run the federation.

    The objective of Telangana State Fishermen Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd, Hyderabad (TSFCOF) as spelt out in its bye-law is to carry out activities for promoting, procurement, processing and marketing of fish and fishery products for the total development  of fishermen community.


    • Fish marketing of fresh and dry by procuring from the societies
    • Supply of inputs like Nets, Gears and Coracles
    • Export of fish products
    • Imparting training to the Fishermen in innovative methods in Fisheries
    • To act an agent of State Government agreeing to implement policies formulated by the State Government for the development of fishery wealth and fishermen.


    There shall be 3 Classes of membership as Under:-

    1. 'A' Class open to Dist level Fishermen Cooperative Societies.
    2. ‘B’ class open to Government
    3. The primary Fisheries Coop-society may become nominal member to avail services from Federation, as associate member without voting rights.
    4. Every member shall hold at least one share.
    5. Any Society subject to byelaw No. 3(a) shall by a resolution of its Managing Committee send its President/Chairman as delegate to the Federation.


    The Management of the Federation shall Vest in Board of Directors consisting of 5 members.

    The Managing Committee of the Federation shall consist of the following for a period of five years.

    1. 5 Directors representing 'A' Class share holders i.e Representatives of “A” Class Share holders shall elect the directors from among “A” Class members.
    2. One Director to. be nominated by N.C.D.C.
    3. Principal Secretary to Govt/ Secretary to the Government, Fisheries Department   or his nominee.
    4. The Commissioner of Fisheries or his nominee.
    5. The Managing Director of the Federation shall be Ex-officio member on the Board.
    6. The Managing Director will be by appointment,
    • (a). The elected directors will elect president and Vice-President from among themselves.
    • (b). Any elected member of the Board may at any time resign from the office by sending a letter of resignation addressed to the Managing Director of the Federation. The resignation shall come into effect only after acceptance by the Committee. The vacancy caused on this account shall be filled up by cooption, by selecting a candidate from among similar category.


    1. Operation of Fish Outlets

    TSFCOF is operating (6) fish retail outlets in Hyderabad with a aim to supply the fresh fish in hygienic condition to consumers in twin cities at the following places.

    1)  Gaganvihar,                                       2)  Liberty Cross Roads,  

    (3)  Kukatpally Rythu Bazar,                   4)  Road No.10, Banjara Hills  

    5)  Vanastalipuram                                  6)  Shantinagar

    1. Operation of the (4) Mobile Retail Outlets.

    The TSFCOF is operating mobile fish sales in 4 zones of Hyderabad

    The vehicles supply fresh fish in the zones as allotted.

    • AP 13Y 5474 - South Zone
    • AP 13Y 5475 - West Zone
    • AP 13Y 5476 - North Zone  
    • AP 13Y 5477 - Central Zone

    1. Fish Marketing Complex (Matsya Darshini)

    A Modern Fish Marketing Complex at Road No. 10, Banjra hills Hyderabad was constructed, in which one Aquaria and Ornamental Fish Display cum sale unit, sale of fresh and Fish Food Court are being operated.

    1. Ornamental Fish Breeding Unit at Medchal.

    Department of Fisheries has developed ornamental Fish Breeding Unit at Medchal of R.R. District, under the NFDB Financial Assistance. Presently AFCOF is looking after the management of above farm. The ornamental fish produced at Medchal will be sold out through Matsya Darshini, Banjara Hills, road No.10, Hyderabad.  

    1. Fish Canteen

    The Telangana State Fishermen Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd, Hyderabad is running a fish canteen on the premises of Matsyabhavan to supply Fish Biryani, Fish Curry with rice, Fish Fry etc to the staff of Fisheries Department and visitors.

     Present status of the fishermen cooperatives in the state.

    Three levels of fishermen cooperatives societies are functioning in the state.  The primary fishermen cooperatives at the village level, the district fishermen cooperative societies at district level in which the primary fishermen cooperative societies have to enroll their membership and the Federation is at State level in which the district fishermen cooperatives societies are affiliated as member societies.  The G.O Ms No 776 confers preferential lease hold rights to the primary fishermen cooperative societies.