Centrally Sponsored Schemes:

    A) Blue Revolution: Integrated Development and Management of Fisheries:

    Blue Revolution -2016-17: Grounding of all the components sanctioned has been completed except establishment of Brood bank which is under progress. So far UCs for Rs. 1212.50 Lakhs has been submitted to Govt. of India.

    Blue Revolution -2017-18:  Govt. of India has given approval for an amount of Rs. 1960.53 Lakhs for 6 components. The total financial assistance is Rs. 878.13 Lakhs, Central share is                Rs. 533.09 Lakhs, State share is Rs.345.04 Lakhs and beneficiary contribution is Rs. 1082.4. The GoI has released 90% of Central share ie., Rs. 479.78 Lakhs. An amount of Rs. 713.29 Lakhs including State share is released to (25) Districts for grounding the schemes. The implementation is under progress. The UC for an amount of Rs.147. 86 Lakhs is submitted to Government of India.

    Blue Revolution -2018-19: Government of India has given approval for an amount of              Rs.13865.40 Lakhs for 13 components. The total financial assistance/subsidy is Rs.6365.40Lakhs in which Central Share is Rs. 3751.24 Lakhs, State share is Rs. 2614.16 Lakhs and Beneficiary contribution is Rs. 7500.00 Lakhs. The GoI has released 1st installment of Rs. 1574.80 Lakhs which is not yet released to the department. The identification of beneficiaries is under progress.

    B) National Scheme for Welfare of Fishermen

    i) Group Accident Insurance Scheme for Fishermen (CSS-50: 50)


    The Group Accident Insurance Scheme is converged as Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bhima Yojana w.e.f 1st June, 2017. Under this scheme 3, 11,956 numbers of active fishermen of age group 18-70 years are covered. The sum assured is Rs.2.00 lakhs in the event of accidental death/permanent disability and Rs.1.00 lakh for partial disability and a cover of Rs. 10,000/- towards hospitalization expenses in the event of accident. The Government of India is releasing their share directly to the National Federation of Fishermen Cooperatives, New Delhi for payment of premium to the Insurance Company. The lives of the fishermen are insured by paying premium of Rs.12/- per fisher by the State and Central Govt. equally i.e., 50:50 basis. The implementing agency of this scheme is FISHCOPFED and insured agency is Oriental Insurance Company. The Govt. of Telangana is also paying Rs. 4.00 lakh as ex-gratia to the dependents of the deceased fishermen in addition to the amount payable under GAIS vide G.O.Ms.No.6 AHDD&F Dept Dt: 21.4.2017. During the year 2018-19 an amount of Rs. 18,71,736 is paid to FISHCOPFED for insuring 3,11,956 fishermen.


    ii) Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyothi Bheema Yojana (PMJJBY):


    Under this scheme, the sum assured is Rs.2.00 lakhs in the event of natural death. The scholarship is extended to two children @ Rs.2400/- per year from 9th to 12th Standard. Fishermen of age group 18-50 years in the State have to pay premium of Rs.330/- per fishermen by the State and Central Govt. equally i.e., 50:50 basis. The implementing agency of this scheme is FISHCOPFED and insured agency is Life Insurance Company. The Govt. has released Rs. 247.00 Lakhs towards payment of insurance coverage. An amount of         Rs. 2, 28, 78, 240/- is paid to FISHCOPFED through RTGS for insuring 1, 38,656 fishermen with effect from 1-6-2019.


    Status of GAIS/PMSBY claims and payment of Ex-gratia:


    Out of 679 claims submitted to FISHCOPFED, New Delhi 390 cases have been settled by the Insurance Company and cheques have been disbursed to the dependents of deceased fishermen. 289 cases are pending with the Insurance Co.

    Out of 390 cases settled by Insurance Company ex-gratia support extended by the State Govt. was released to 255 cases to the dependents of deceased fishermen. There are 135 cases pending for payment of ex-gratia during the year 2018-19 and further 20 claims are likely to be settled and hence Rs. 277.00 Lakhs are required to meet the expenditure towards payment of ex-gratia towards pending 135 cases. The Government was requested for release of Rs. 277.00 lakhs.


    C. Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY):

    During the year 2018-19, the Detailed Projects Reports for (4) Projects to the tune of            Rs 872.50 Lakhs have been submitted to Commissioner of Agriculture, Hyderabad for placing before the SLSC of RKVY for sanction. The SLSC of RKVY held on 23-08-2018 has approved the following (3) projects with the financial assistance of Rs. 429.00 Lakhs. 

    S. No

    Name of the Project


    Fin.(Rs. in Lakhs)


    Up gradation of Inland Fisheries Training Centre {IFTC) Warangal




    Construction of Re-circulatory Aquaculture System (RAS)




    Establishment of Fish Seed Rearing Ponds with input subsidy








    Promotion of cage culture in the state:

    The Government has agreed to consider earmarking 5% of the effect water spread area for R&D and promoting cage culture up to 1% in the earmarked area in reservoirs, projects and tanks with more the 200 hectors and brought out state policy for promotion of cage culture. Under this initiative, 72 demo cages, 510 cages by fishermen Cooperative Societies & 160 cages by Private Entrepreneurs were installed. Installation of cages by FCSs is under progress in Nirmal district.