1. Implementation Guidelines for Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme (IFDS)-English View   |  Download
    2. NFDB-Guidelines for Intensive Aquaculture View   |  Download
    3. Construction of retail fish markets with 100% grant under the scheme of Development of Fisheries with a unit cost of Rs.10.00 lakhs and Operational guidelines View   |  Download
    4. Implementation Guidelines for Integrated Fisheries Development Scheme (IFDS)-Telugu View   |  Download
    5. Assistance for Dep Sea Fishing Addendum to Guidelines of Blue Revolution Scheme dated 09.03.2017 View   |  Download
    6. Conduct of Skill Test for identification of members for Fishermen Coop. Societies-Admission of members, elimination of bogus/ineligible members- Amendment to Comprehensive guidelines -orders – Issued. View   |  Download
    7. Final Sea Bass Guidelines after modification of competent authority as on 13 January 2017 View   |  Download
    8. Implementation of the scheme Development of Fisheries –Construction of Community Halls - Revised guidelines – Orders – Issued. View   |  Download
    9. Guidelines for L Vannamei in fresh water inland farms View   |  Download
    10. Restriction  and Regulation of exotic fish culture – Tilapia (Oreochromis mossabicus) to conserve the indigenous aquatic diversity in the water bodies of Telangana – Guidelines – Approved – Orders -Issued. View   |  Download
    11. Development of Fisheries” for implementation of on going Scheme under Normal State Plan – Certain Amendments to the operational guidelines - Orders –Issued. View   |  Download
    12. Guidelines for regulating establishment  and operation of SPF shrimp Centres(BMC) View   |  Download
    13. Guidelines for the States for framing a bill on inland fishereis and Aquacul ture  1 View   |  Download
    14. Operational guidelines for implementation of Fish Seed Stocking in the Reservoirs/Tanks which are not covered under RKVY Scheme – Approved – Orders- Issued View   |  Download
    15. Operational guidelines for implementation of components of “Fisheries Development Scheme” under Normal State Plan - Amendment Orders – Issued View   |  Download
    16. Guidelines.BR-30616.Fisheries View   |  Download
    17. Guidelines for Tilapia Fish Hatchery/ Breeding/ Nursery/ Grow-out Farming in Fresh water/Inland farms – Amendment - orders-Issued View   |  Download