2. Development of Fisheries Scheme:

    Development of Fisheries Scheme is a Normal State Plan Scheme formulated to achieve the objectives of improving productivity, reducing post harvest losses, increasing livelihood support and welfare of fishermen in capture and culture fisheries with a total outlay of Rs. Rs.3856.71 lakhs during 2014-15 yr.


    • To provide a building as a facility for conducting meetings, trainings and awareness camps to fishermen, to conduct social functions of the community, to use as a shelter during calamities, to serve for educational health etc., needs of the community.

    • To provide support to fishermen during the fishing ban period while inculcating the habit of thrift

    • To provide crafts and nets to licensed fishers to support their livelihood.

    • Promotion of retail fish markets to increase domestic fish consumption, ensure access of the poor to nutritious food, and supply fish to consumers in hygienic & fresh conditions and to get higher returns to the fishers.

    • To increase the area under fish culture, improve the seed quality, for better yield and good returns

    • To give Matsya Mitra Groups, Fisherwomen Cooperatives, Self Help Groups or individuals income earning opportunities from the production and sale of ornamental fish

    Components included in Fisheries Development Scheme-2014-2015